Campaign Stories

This is the story of Wiliken, Jurgen, Morgan, Douglas, Jean-Baptiste, Gracemorel, Dusk, Ugarth, and Jenkins as gleaned from a current Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the Bandit Kingdoms.

Chapter 1: Once a Slave
Wiliken 1Wiliken 2Wiliken 3Wiliken 4Wiliken 5Wiliken 6Wiliken 7

Chapter 2: Blood
Wiliken 8, Wiliken 9, Wiliken 10, Wiliken 11, Wiliken 12, Wiliken 13

Chapter 3: Revelation
Wiliken 14, Wiliken 15, Jean-Baptiste 1*, Wiliken 16, Wiliken 17, Wiliken 18

Chapter 4: The Cost of Living
Wiliken 19, Wiliken 20, Wiliken 21, Wiliken 22, Wiliken 23, Wiliken 24

As of Wiliken 24, Campaign Stories is completed, at least for the time being. Special thanks to my Dungeon Master David, and my fellow players Chad, Adam, Josh, Gabe, Kris, and Randy, and last but certainly not least, thanks to the readers.

* Better known as “Waiting for the One Who Comes”

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