Sunday Roundup: Academy Awards, Leonard Nimoy, and Black History Month

It’s Sunday and it is time to catch up on the best the internet had to offer during the past week. If you have any article suggestions for the Sunday Roundup send me a tweet @tbone1225.

Social justice, science (fiction), and animated flicks are amongst the winners of the Josh2K14

Mere hours before the Academy Awards aired, Joshua Toulouse at Fat Train put up his post “TOP TEN FILMS OF 2014.” Josh is my go-to guy when it comes to film and television, and I look forward to his top ten all year.

Transcripts from an Academy Award live tweet

While the Oscars were going on Joshua Toulouse at Fat Train was busy live-tweeting the event. He collected all of his tweets in a post titled “8th (Mostly) Annual My Thoughts As I Had Them During The Oscars.”

West coast Wings watching

Tom Mitsos of The Hockey Writers made a trip to the Staples Center in Los Angeles to witness The Kings going head-to-head with the Detroit Red Wings. He wrote about his experience in his post “Behind Enemy Lines: A Red Wings Game at Staples Center.”

Red Wings pick up a bunch of away jersey wins

For Tom Mitsos of The Hockey Writers the key to on the road wins for the Detroit Red Wings is playing strong after those slow starts. In “February Road Trip Has Been Successful for Red Wings” Tom writes about Detroit’s epic road war throughout the first months of the year.

Eucharist, ISIS, and the brotherhood of man

“At the Lord’s Table, characterization and dehumanization must end.” For Adam Schneider, graduate student at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and guest writer for The Resist Daily, the transformation that takes place during the Eucharist is enough to change the world and bring about nonviolence. Read more from his theology of communion in his article “The Path of Forgiveness: Inviting ISIS to the Eucharist.”

Wil Wheaton joins the entire universe in mourning Leonard Nimoy’s death

“In ways that I couldn’t articulate at the time, I wanted to be Mister Spock because if I was, I could be myself — quiet, bookish, alien to the people around me — and it wouldn’t be weird. it would be awesome.” Internet geek mogul and Star Trek alumnus Wil Wheaton reflects upon Leonard Nimoy’s influence on his life in his article “REMEMBERING LEONARD NIMOY.” Nimoy, best known for playing the beloved Vulcan Spock, passed away on February 27th after a long battle with COPD.

Couture’s fine is pennies in a bucket

“My biggest gripe with the Department of Player Safety is it bases its fines and suspensions on the severity of the injury.” In his article “Is Logan Couture’s Fine Too Lenient?” Tom Mitsos of The Hockey Writers explores crime and (lack of) punishment in the NHL.

Black history / white supremacy

“What I am not for is a Black History Month that exists as a ritual that reminds Black people annually of our need to assimilate to the dominant culture.” Rod Thomas at The Resist Daily discusses the achievements of African Americans, the contradictions of Black life, and the reasons why there is not a White History Month in a brief post titled “Why I Won’t Waste My Time Defending Black History Month.”

Blackhawk Brent Sopel’s retirement and his impact on the LGBT sporting community

“Brent Sopel bringing the Stanley Cup to the Pride Parade may not define his 18 years as a pro or 12 years in the NHL — nor does it erase some of the other questionable stances he’s taken — but it remains an important moment for LGBT hockey players and fans.” Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy recounts the impact of Brent Sopel’s decision to bring the Stanley Cup to a 2010 Pride Parade in his article “As Brent Sopel retires, impact on LGBT hockey not forgotten.”

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