Sunday Roundup: Red Wings prospects, Northern Racism, and Lentsploitation

It’s Sunday and it is time to catch up on the best the internet had to offer during the past week. If you have any article suggestions for the Sunday Roundup send me a tweet @tbone1225.

Things you’ve always wanted to know about the Red Wings

Tom Mitsos answers questions about the Red Wings in his mail bag post for The Hockey Writers. As an added compare/contrast bonus, Ansar Khan answers the same questions at MLive.

Racism is alive and well in northern states

“The perfect storm of Northern amnesia and largely white rural-sides weave a story that claims that Northern racial tensions (if they exist at all) only seem to occur in large cities where blacks are concentrated; thereby subtly implying that the issue is the very presence of said communities.” Guest writer Nathan Lewis Lawrence writes about manifestations of white supremacy in northern states in general and Ohio specifically in his post “Four Things You Didn’t Know About Northern Racism” for The Resist Daily. Check out his other writings at his blog Taming Cynicism.

Petr Mrazek won’t be stuck in the AHL for long

“[Mrazek is] the future goalie for the Red Wings, but he’ll need some time to adjust to the NHL.” Tom Mitsos talks about the short- and long-term possibilities for goalie Petr Mrazek in his article “Red Wings Prospect Petr Mrazek Motivated to Improve” for The Hockey Writers.

Is Marchenko a good defensive fit for the Wings?

Tom Mitsos discusses the need for right-handed defenseman Alexey Marchenko on the Red Wings in his article “Do the Red Wings Need to Trade With Alexey Marchenko?” for The Hockey Writers.

Exploited foreign workers and the spiritual season of Lent

“I think it is appropriate here to illustrate the exploitative nature of outsourcing through the context of the current season of Lent.” With the religious observance of Lent in mind, Richard Thomas discusses concepts of freedom in the face of oppressive economic institutions in his article “Our Bondage And Our Freedom: on Lent and neoliberalism” for The Resist Daily.

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