Sunday Roundup: Mike Babcock’s Father, Ted Cruz and America’s Racist Past, and Andrew WK’s April Fools Joke

It’s Sunday and it is time to catch up on the best the internet had to offer during the past week. If you have any article suggestions for the Sunday Roundup send me a tweet @tbone1225.

Sad tidings all around in Tom Mitsos’s last post for The Hockey Writers

Tom Mitsos discusses how the death of coach Mike Babcock’s father may have contributed to a difficult March for the Red Wings in his final post for The Hockey Writers titled “Mike Babcock Coaches With Heavy Heart in Red Wings’ Loss.”

We are going to miss your reports about the Detroit Red Wings for The Hockey Writers, Tom. The Sunday Roundup is going to be a different entity from here on out without you, as is The Longest Wind. Thank you for all of the work you’ve done in the past. We remember it fondly!

–The Longest Wind staff, readers, and family

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

Ted Cruz as a symbol of our American past, or, America’s League of Evil Exes

“In many reflections about the political life of Christians in the U.S., members of the dominant culture will find a myriad of ways to avoid discussions of race.” Rod Thomas points to the Golden Age “ideals” Ted Cruz represents for the USA and how most of them are under-girded by racist foundations in his post “Christian Politics From The Underside” for The Resist Daily.

And finally, the funniest (and least convincing) April Fools joke of the year

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