Sunday Roundup: #Selma50, Red Wings, and Social Justice Warriors

It’s Sunday and it is time to catch up on the best the internet had to offer during the past week. If you have any article suggestions for the Sunday Roundup send me a tweet @tbone1225.

Glendening hamstrings Red Wings top line

Tom Mitsos disputes Mike Babcock’s decision to put Luke Glendening on the top line with Pavel Datsyuk and Tomas Tatar in his article “Red Wings: Why is Luke Glendening Getting Top-Line Minutes?” for The Hockey Writers.

Red Wings goalies: Mrazek elite, Gustavsson obsolete

“Gustavsson’s time in Detroit was great, but it’s time to end the experiment and look toward the future.” While Tom Mitsos is thankful for the service of goalie Jonas Gustavsson, he makes the case for the Detroit Red Wings investing in Petr Mrazek instead in his article “Time For the Jonas Gustavsson Experiment to End” for The Hockey Writers.

A #Selma50 tour of the Freedom Movement in Mississippi

Richard Thomas details how the freedom movement in Mississippi required different strategies than anywhere else in his article “Lessons from #Selma50: #1 Medgar Evers and organization #TCUCRBT” for The Resist Daily.

Next stop, Alabama: #Selma50 tour continues

In his article “Lessons from #Selma50: #2 Bloody Sunday,” Richard Thomas of The Resist Daily describes the systemic inequalities many residents of Selma, Alabama have faced and continue to face today.

Red Wings potential first round playoff matchups

Tom Mitsos of The Hockey Writers forecasts a few of the more likely first round matchups in his article “Red Wings’ Possible Playoff Matchups.”

Social Justice Warriors and the wake they leave

“Organizing, advocacy, agitating, etc. is not about social or moral purity. Calling out injustice is not about bullying individuals but about naming a visible problem.” Gabe Pfefer discusses privileged apathetic approaches to social justice that ultimately create more problems in his post “For the Last Time, Social Justice Activism is not about Ideological Purity” on Ephphathoughts.

Holy anger in the face of injustice

Gabe Pfefer discusses how anger can be valued negatively or positively depending on its context, expression, object, and purpose in his post “Anger What Is It Good For? Quite A Lot Actually.” on Ephphathoughts.

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