Sunday Roundup: Croatia’s Jubilee, Hockey’s Biggest Coaching Foible, and To Kill a Mockingbird Sequel

It’s Sunday and it is time to catch up on the best the internet had to offer during the past week. If you have any article suggestions for the Sunday Roundup send me a tweet @tbone1225.

Red Wings need to work on their penalty kill

“When you already are down a man, chasing the puck is the worst sin you can commit on the penalty kill, especially if you are facing a team that is good at cycling the puck.” Despite a winning record, the Red Wings have had some serious problems shoring up their penalty kill. Tom Mitsos discusses ways the team can overcome this issue in his article “How to Fix the Red Wings’ Penalty Kill” for The Hockey Writers.

Croatia is just the latest in a long line of debt cancellation programs

“Whatever happens in this latest game of brinkmanship between creditors and debtors, history shows that mass debt write-offs are neither as rare nor as taboo as we might think.” From the early Jewish concept of the “Year of Jubilee” and the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi to post-war debt forgiveness plans in France, Greece, Italy and Germany, Telegraph writer Mehreen Khan explains how debt cancellation has been a central tenet of many of history’s greatest economic success stories. Check out Mehreen’s article “The biggest debt write-offs in the history of the world” and the book that inspired it titled This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff.

Seahawks decision to pass at the 1-yard line is NOT the biggest coaching foible of all time

After the Super Bowl, football fans were quick to label Pete Carroll’s fateful decision to pass instead of run the ball as the worst coaching mistake of all time, but to Tom Mitsos of The Hockey Writers that award goes to Soviet Union ice hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov who pulled goalie Vladislav Tretiak, who was touted as the best goalie in the world, resulting in a loss to the United States in the 1980 Olympics. “Tikhonov even admitted pulling Tretiak was the worst mistake he ever made, and no one knew Tretiak as an athlete better than Tikhonov.” For more, read Tom’s article “Bigger Coaching Gaff: Viktor Tikhonov or Pete Carroll?”

Harper Lee’s sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird

The internet was set ablaze following the discovery of a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee. Comic writer Paul Cornell and Twitter wisdom curator Jon Winokur were among the many who took this to heart in their daily Tweets.

A great season for Darren Helm, Luke Glendening, Justin Abdelkader, and Kyle Quincey

While many Red Wings fans will attribute the team’s recent bout of success to Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Tatar, and Nyquist, their assault on the top spot in the Atlantic Division wouldn’t be possible without Michigan natives Luke Glendening, Justin Abdelkader, formerly injury-prone center Darren Helm, and Kyle Quincey, the defensemen that many fans last year would have been happy to get rid of. “When general manager Ken Holland re-signed Kyle Quincey to a two-year deal alst summer, it reeked of a panic move after he struck out on all of the free agent defensemen he was pursuing. However, Quincey has been one of the more consistent defensemen for the Red Wings this season.” Tom Mitsos breaks down the reasons to celebrate these four players in his article “4 Red Wings Having Surprisingly Good Seasons” at The Hockey Writers.

For the right price the Red Wings might welcome Toronto’s Cody Franson to Detroit

“In the end, the price has to be right for Franson, whether the Red Wings can get that price will decide whether they should pull the trigger or stand pat.” Tom Mitsos responds to trade deadline speculation that right-handed defenseman Cody Franson might be coming to Motown. While it is clear that Franson would be a great fit in Detroit, many fans are uncomfortable with the potential cost. Read Tom’s article “Red Wings Trade Talk: Is Cody Franson the Missing Piece?” featuring the expert testimony of The Hockey Writers Maple Leafs contributor James Tanner.

Expect a better second half of the season from Red Wings prospect Anthony Mantha

“[N]ow that [Mantha] has 35 games under his belt, he’s no doubt got a good grasp of what will and will not work at the AHL level.” Though 20-year-old junior league star Anthony Mantha has not been measuring up to the high expectations set for him this season, writer Tom Mitsos remains optimistic about his future as the 2014-15 season marches toward its conclusion. Check out his article “Anthony Mantha Determined to Have Better Second Half” at The Hockey Writers.

How cosplay is the great equalizer

Comic book writer Dan Slott decided to post an uplifting tweet on Saturday:

Dan Slott currently writes Amazing Spider-man and Silver Surfer for Marvel Comics.

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