Project Karamazov: Pronunciation Guide

For those of you who wish to know the proper Russian pronunciations of the names featured in The Brothers Karamazov, I’ve pieced together this pronunciation guide. Special thanks to Tatiana Uglova for her tutorial on AllExperts.

Note: Capitalized letters denote which syllable is emphasized.

Adelaida – ah-dellah-EE-dah
Alexei – ah-lick-SYAY
Dmitri – DMEE-tree
Fyodor – FYO-daur
Fyodorovich – FYO-daurau-vich
Ivan – ee-VAHN
Ivanovna – ee-VAH-nauv-nah
Karamazov – kahrah-MAH-zauf
Mitya – MEE-tyah
Miusov – mee-OO-sauf
Pavlovich – PAHV-lau-vich

As of right now, I only have the names featured in the first chapter, but more are forthcoming.

Project Karamazov

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