Project Karamazov: How-to Recording Guide

Whether you’re a public person trying to record your own sentence from The Brothers Karamazov or a member of #TeamKaramazov attempting to get some words from a celebrity, this guide should help you to figure out the easiest way to do so.


Voice Memos

Voice Memos has been a standard app on the iOS for as long as I can remember. It is fast, easy, and as of iOS7 the app looks much prettier as well. Here’s how to use it:

1. Touch the Voice Memos app.
2. Touch New Recording. The New Voice Memo window will open up and give you an option to name the voice memo. Choose a name, or leave it as New Recording, and touch OK.
3. Touch the record button. It is a big red circle with a white border. Recording begins immediately.
4. You may have noticed that as soon as you hit record, the big red circle transformed into a smaller red square, the universal sign for stop. As soon as you are done recording, touch the stop button.
5. Touch Done. The Save Voice Memo window will open, once again giving you a chance to name the voice memo. Once again, choose a name or leave it as is, and touch Save.
6. All of your recordings are listed in the white section on the bottom half of the screen. Touch the name that you assigned to your current recording.
7. You can listen to the recording by pressing the play button (a blue triangle), or you can send your recording via iMessage / text or email by clicking the square with the upward arrow coming from its center.

I will update this post every time I encounter a new method of audio recording that I have tested and know works. Let me know if you have a simple, highly accessible recording method that I should post here. (As you probably noticed, there is currently a big hole where the Android OS guide should be.)

4 thoughts on “Project Karamazov: How-to Recording Guide

  1. With speakpipe you can put a button on a website that people can pick and leave a recording. The problem is their free tier of pricing only allows for 15 messages a month.

    A better solution might be to open up a google voice account, which will give you a phone number with voicemail that people can call and leave a message, which I believe you could download. Not sure what the quality would be, but it might be worth a try.

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